Raid Brigade APK MOD Unlimited Mana Skill

Raid Brigade APK MOD Unlimited Mana Skill

Raid Brigade APK MOD Unlimited Mana Skill – Kongregate has just launched an amazingly addictive (and, I might add – complex) game on the App Store and we’ve been spending the entire day so far playing it and destroying waves after waves of enemies, completing missions and wondering what to do next.

Game Mod Raid Brigade APK

Your father’s kingdom has been destroyed, do you have what it takes to rebuild and reclaim your former glory?

Control your party of legendary fighters. Conquer enemies, earn treasure, and build your kingdom to rise to the top of the leaderboards.

On your adventure, unlock archers, melee fighters, and casters to make your heroes unstoppable in battle. Strategically build a team of four heroes to defend your kingdom and conquer enemy cities.

Perfect your defenses and strategy to rule a legendary kingdom. The action is waiting! JOIN THE FRAY TODAY

Raid Brigade APK MOD Unlimited Mana Skill – control a party of strong fighters and raid enemy cities. Destroy all enemies on the way and get treasures. Lead a team of 4 heroes and fight through enemy kingdoms in this Android game. Do difficult missions and unlock new heroes that can become members of you party. Create a balanced squad of warriors, archers, and mages. Level up your favorite heroes and make them stronger. Defeat other players.

It’s vital to keep upgrading the buildings in your town, because you will eventually find out that the resources – of which you thought you had aplenty of, are scarce. Stock up on resources and help bring up production by constantly working on your town too!

Raid Brigade

Raid Brigade APK MOD Unlimited Mana Skill

||Game: Raid Brigade ||
||Version: 0.32 ||
||Android : 4.3 ||
||Market: ||
||Internet: Required ||
||Mod: Unlimited Mana + Instant Skill ||