PRETA APK MOD High Damage Hp No CD Skill

PRETA APK MOD High Damage Hp No CD Skill

PRETA APK MOD High Damage Hp No CD Skill – PRETA adalah game dengan latar belakang dunia fantasi abad pada pertengahan yang memiliki fitur real-time PvP serta sistem berbagai jenis dungeon . menceritakan latar belakang kisah di game Preta. Sobat bisa melihat bagaimana adegan pertempuran yang dibalut dengan sangat cantik, lengkap dengan kemampuan dari karakter-karakter yang ada di dalam game


Download PRETA Apk Mod High Damage ,New Update With Version 1.001

PRETA APK MOD High Damage Hp No CD Skill – action RPG with beautiful graphics and fierce battles . As always , the main character will go on a long journey through the different catacombs , dungeons and ruins of the once majestic cities in order to fight the instigator of the invasion of monsters in the world of men. Acute steel, unique skills and magic to help gamers fight through an army of darkness and destroy the root cause of the terrible

Enjoy the thrilling nonstop action RPG of PRETA – adventuring without limits!
This Fall, prepare yourself for PRETA and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins!
Developed by NEXON

▶ Features ◀

1. RPG Action without limits!
– No stamina systems! Enter any stage as often as you’d like.
– Enjoy PRETA on your phone and tablet, anytime, anywhere!

2. Awaken your hero’s ultimate potential!
– Crush monsters by awakening the hidden potential of your heroes!

3. Devastating Combos and Skills!
– Inflict massive damage with 4 unique combos and 12 spectacular skills.
– Customize your play style with a choice of skills right from the beginning!

4. Smash the evil forces with 3 bone-smashing weapon classes!
– 3 classes of hero are available, each wielding their own weapon!
– Master the art of the sword, chain, and wand!

5. Power up your Elementals!
– Strengthen your hero by collecting the rare any mystical Elementals!

6. Find out the unrevealed secrets of PRETA!
– Check out the hidden secrets of PRETA APK MOD High Damage Hp No CD Skill in a deep, engrossing story mode!

7. 3 Action-Packed Special Game Modes
– Raid Mode – Destroy towering bosses!
– Defense Mode! Defend your tower against waves of monsters!
– Special Mode! Collect as much gold as you can!


Download PRETA APK MOD High Damage Hp No CD Skill

||Game: PRETA APK ||
||Version: 1.004 ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market: ||
||Internet: Required ||