Monkey Showdown APK MOD Unlimited Money

Monkey Showdown APK MOD Unlimited Money

Monkey Showdown APK MOD Unlimited Money Game terbaru android ini adalah game fighting yang keren. Monkey Showdown Apk adalah game action dari developer Destinasi Generasi Sdn Bhd,dimana sobat dalam game ini harus melawan prajurit monyet yang paling menakutkan di dunia,

Berbgai fitru menarik disematkan dalam gam eini seperti kita bisa mengupgrade berbagai karakterhero kita ,dan juga grafis yang baik

Sama dengan game-game android bias YanG  kami bagikan maka game Monkey Showdown ini juga sudah lengkap dengan versi modi yang tidak bisa kalian dapatkan diversi biasa,kalian dapat mencobanya dengan mendownload disini secara gratis disini.

Battle against the most fearsome Monkey warriors in the world.
Prove your worth in a turn-based fighting game and upgrade your fighters with powerful gears. Shame your victims by robbing their hard earned equipments upon defeating them.

Monkey Showdown APK MOD Unlimited Money Enhance your gears with enchanting boosters and protect your them from getting stolen.4 different kinds of monkeys fighting in a deadly duel in the arena. However, you will have to meet with real opponents and bots, develop tactics and fight for the championship, passing in the standings.

The combat mechanics of the game resembles the game Ben 10 – at the beginning of your turn, you and your opponent choose three actions, whether it be a light attack, heavy blow, protection or restoration. These actions, as in the stone-paper-scissors, overlap each other, and thereby causes damage. For example, if you attack with a light attack, while the enemy has put a block, your damage will not work. If your unit has prepared a heavy blow to the enemy, be ready to get to the full. Also available a store where you can buy equipment, weapons, power-ups and a variety of ways to improve their fighting monkey.

Monkey Showdown APK MOD Unlimited Money Mysterious Shadow! 
With every achievement, players will be rewarded with a series of full action graphic story about Shadow. Is he a friend or foe? You got to play your way to find out!

Monkey Showdown

Monkey Showdown APK MOD Unlimited Money

||Game: Monkey Showdown MOD APK ||
||Version: 1.0.3 ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market: com.edensoft.monkeyshowdown ||
||Internet: Not Required ||
||Root: Not Required ||
||Mod: All Currency ||