Luna Chronicles APK MOD High Damage

Luna Chronicles APK MOD High Damage

Luna Chronicles APK MOD High Damage – adalah sebuah game RPG terbaik yang baru diliris di android. Download Luna Chronicles Apk Mod High Damage + Hp ,New Update

Luna Chronicles APK MOD High Damage about village developing and killing enemies. A turn base strategy game for Android devices. Its an online game with ARPG elements. same as other online games this game has no difference in online gaming. create party and go on hunting. player vs player battles and leaderboard to track your strength.characters are measures in the stars, more stars meaning more powerful characters. Loot and grand coins and equipment and keep upgrading your village in background for more golds. Luna Chronicles MOD APK 1.0.0 Unlimited Gold coins money cash. Clear dungeons for bigger rewards and golds. Defeat players in PVP battles. Turn base strategy game got a lot batter.

Game Introduction

Pillaging Siege + Ultimate Turn-Based Strategic RPG

– Produce gold and Items by developing your town!
The beautiful town will get rich and powerful in no time if you keep upgrading it.

– Breath-taking PVP siege battles for gold!
Running low on gold? Loot the town! But, don’t forget to protect your own town!’

– Create your own class-bending character with hundreds of unique items!
Want to be a tanker healer with a lot of HP? Equip the healing ‘Skill Book’!
It’s your chance to write the new history of Luna Chronicles!
Become a hero of the fierce, strategic battlefield!

▶ Game Characteristics

[Get a taste of the turn-based battle!]
To attack, or to protect? That is the question!
Kick it up a notch with diverse buffs and battle formations!
Mind-blowing action guaranteed!

[Thou shalt covet the gold! Siege RPG!]
Show no mercy in your ruthless pillaging!
Brutal pillaging between users in siege warfare!

[Rise to the top with your favorite character!]
For anyone who’s sick and tired of fail chances…
Your own character will get you straight from 2 stars to 6 stars!

[Shattering typical class barriers!]
Why can’t a warrior become a healer?
The perfect ‘two-birds-with-one-stone’ action RPG.

Luna Chronicles

Download Luna Chronicles APK MOD High Damage

||Game: Luna Chronicles APK ||
||Version: 1.0 .B19 ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market: ||
||Internet: Required ||
||Mod: High Attack ||