Chrono Strike APK MOD Health Energy

Chrono Strike APK MOD Health Energy

Chrono Strike APK MOD Health Energy adalah sebuah game aksi 3D dengan nuansa pertarungan unik di masa depan. pada game ini, sobat dapat memakai 5 karakter tentunya memiliki keahlian yang berbeda-beda untuk mengalahkan para robot jahat yang ingin menguasai dunia.

Game Mod Chrono Strike APK

Ada 100 lebih misi yang bisa sobat mainkan dalam game Chrono Strike APK MOD Health Energy ini dan dunia penjelahan yang luas untuk ditaklukan. Jika sobat penggemar game android dengan grafis bagus dan gaya pertarungan cepat, sebaiknya sobat coba juga Chrono Strike ini.

Chrono Strike just came out few days ago in select countries. There is a story in the game and the story is “people’s has gone on to manhunt human populations 7200 population of the robots 135 billion and rising I’m pretty sure this is all my fault so I had to find you I searched for years when this one track me down I had no weapons left this was the last of the hidden gray site dogs and then they would you I resembled you the best I could help you ready to save the world enemy killed.

what happened where did they come from where do I come from it’s a long story” now lets continue with the gameplay part you are in the 2D stage of the game where enemies are coming from the right and the left side whenever they come in range just tap on the right or left side to attack that’s it. if you miss enemies were charges have to continue to play nice. keep playing and discover more things in the story as you progress. One and only mission save the world, upgrade your heroes,evolve them and kill the enemies.

Chrono Strike

Chrono Strike APK MOD Health Energy

||Game: Chrono Strike APK ||
||Version: 0.3 ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market: ||
||Internet: Not Required ||
||Mod: ncreased Health,Energy,Damage ||
||Tested: Yes – Working ||